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Hi! I'm Kelli

Mama, wife, vacation rental business owner, and social media marketer for locally owned businesses in Portland & Bend. Wearing many hats, and learning to love and appreciate the chaos of it all. 

For many reasons, I never thought that I'd start a blog. Those close to me know that I am a relatively private person, so publicity and vulnerability are a bit out of my comfort zone. However, life has been full of transitions and transformations these past couple of years:

We got pregnant,

We tackled our first historic home renovation,

We had a baby girl,

I went back to work full time,

My husband started a new job,

I decided to take a break from teaching for increased flexibility and time with my daughter,

I started a vacation rental business and took on the management of a few vacation rentals, 

and so on.


Not to mention the personal and internal challenges that surfaced along the way. Through all of these transitions, where did I go for guidance and inspiration? You guessed it... Blogs. So here I am, hoping that I can provide the same clarity for someone out there on their journey. After all, we can all relate to life transitions, internal struggles, and personal growth along the way. 


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